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A word used as an onomatopoeia, often having a sexual connotation. It can also be used for a sound of techno, or as a catch phrase.

It is often substituted with oonst, which means the same thing.
"Man, he went all unst unst unst on her last night."

"Did you hear that music? It was all unst unst unst."
by A.R.M. aka Zandra August 30, 2008
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A way of 'party-boying'.
Commonly used over the internet.
Jim: He is party-boying all over the place!
by KJDGA April 30, 2008
Something Nicole Cherch likes to do.
Can be also referred to as "Runst, Sunst, Eunst, Punst, etc."
I unsted this girl the other night.
by JMoooo January 23, 2011

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