1. Acting as if having an unsoundness of mind, persistent mental disorder or derangement.
a. Choosing to act mentally deranged; crazy
b. (as collective noun; preceded by the) the unsane
3. Characteristic of a person acting as if they are of unsound mind; an insane stare
4. irresponsible; very foolish; stupid behavior
I find being utterly unsane a very useful thing.

I'm unsane. I have a full grasp of sanity, I just choose to ignore it for my own amusement.
#un-sane #usane #nsane #insane #sane #sanity #crazy #deranged
by QuantumCowboy December 03, 2012
Top Definition
Its something past insanity and it is without sanity. So maybe it could mean mental enlightenment or mindless oblivion.
Though I knew I had been insane for quite a long time now, I was beginning to feel a little UNSANE.
by Spenca February 13, 2005
A person that was previously insane then becomes unsane, who now does not just have an understanding of one reality, as the sane would, but has the understanding of many realities.
He became unsane after a few years of insanity, which made him open minded to whatever the Universe had in store for him, in any dimension.
#unsain #unsanity #un-sane #un-sanity #insane #sane
by DruidP December 06, 2010
1. the description of something being more than insane

2. extremely insane.
This website is totally unsane!!!
#adjective #unsane #the #description #of
by bread infection November 21, 2009
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