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a derogatory term for straight people used by the gays. etymology: an abreviation of "un-queer." see also: breeder
I don't know man, I thought Zac Ephron was totes gay, but then I met him and I was like, you know, he might be an unq after all.
by CheesyChiz October 12, 2008
1) Someone is unqualified for something, or someone who could not qualify for something.(Used in USMC and U.S. military.)
2) Someone who failed at something. Abrieviated for Unqualified.(Pronounced Unk.)
1) Smith could not qualify on the rifle range so he is an Unq.
2) You're such a waste of life you're an Unq., you're unqualified to live.
by Chris December 22, 2005