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Images, short videos or animations usually sent via instant messaging or e-mail that are not allowed to be posted in an online forum due to improper content.

Usually "unposties" are of adult content, or of a controversial nature that may affect the sensibilities of some readers.
A vacationer comes back from with pictures of the beaches and the swimmers in various stages of attire, some without much attire at all. The vacationer upon his return puts a picture or two of the beach on his favorite forum without any showing too much skin... then he says he'll send the "unposties" to anyone that requests them.
by amm0bob March 22, 2008
Images that cannot be posted in an online forum due to improper content. Often these are part of a series of pictures, with a "teaser" picture featuring a "PG-rated" pose. The unposties are the "R-rated" or "X-rated" versions.
A forum member posts pictures of his fully-clothed ex-girlfriend and mentiones he has some "unposties" available. Other forum member request that he sends them a link to these in a person message or email.
by Cybercowboy March 22, 2008

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