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a korean's way of calling a close girl part of their family, much more like an older sister(in a girls view)
Hannah unnie is the best big sister in the world.
by Dongseng March 23, 2008
A Korean term that means older/big sister that females call a female relative or a older girl they a admire or respect. It is sometimes used as a honorific or to replace a person's name.
There are many variations on spelling like Unni, Eonni, Eonnie, Eunni, Eunnie, or onnie. The male version of this term is Nuna or Noona.
Sang-Hee is my Unnie. I really respect her.
by Diviana March 24, 2010
If you are a girl, this is what you call another girl who is older than you, or a girl who you respect. (Korean term)
Talking to CL: Unnie, you are the baddest female.
by apeeling June 12, 2013
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