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A girl, usually Korean, who is really hot and who most guys want to be with. They are known for their fashion sense, for being hyperactive much of the time, and for being unforgettable. This type of girl usually hits guys for being cute, for being mean, for complimenting them, or just because she feels like it at the time.
"Dang did you see jisoo the other day? She's so hot."
"I know man. She looks hot every day."
by Trystyn June 26, 2009
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Euphemism for taking a dump. It also refers to tiny asian girls dropping massive logs. It can be heard all over military bases in Japan and Korea. Likely of Korean origin.
Man, I just dropped a mean ji soo.

Dude, that ji soo fricken stinks.

Holy crap, she made the biggest ji soo I've ever seen. I needed a stick to break it up to make it go down.
by Sqirt808 September 21, 2010

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