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A gamer who has created himself an in-game identity which is elite (1337= leet)or so they promote.He is adept at compu-speak or 1337speak and usually uses this to make himself feel like a big man. The person is most likely a nerdy, reject fanboy who lives at home with too much time and money on his hands, due to the lack of socialization he encounters.
Gamer (In Game): Yo n00bs, i r teh 1337/l33t haxx0r, ain't n0b0dy g0n m3ss wit me, i'll AWP yo asses.

Mother (Real Life): OH darling could you please set the table and prepare for dinner my little snookums?

Gamer: Yes mother dearest, just let me get my glasses and my steamed celery and disconnnect my ethernet cables and keyboard attachments. *Snort Snort*
by Dan Dan The Man April 30, 2007

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