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a small suburb of dallas, often called up, which connected to highland park is known as the park cities. an exclusive neighborhood where the kids drive expensive cars, the girls are all gorgeous straighten their hair and strike that hair-to-the-side-elbow-out parkie pose, and the guys are all athletic and wear polos board shorts and flip flops many of them being laxbros with flo. however, the parents who are doctors and lawyers are all rich because they worked hard to be rich. all houses are well over a million dollars still up is awesomer than highland park. was ranked number 1 suburb of dallas in 2009 by d magazine; hp was number 7. university park is where everyone is christian, white, and southern and kids go to hp which is awesome or otherwise a rich snobby school like esd or hockaday. people even have rich-sounding weird names like shanley or brinkley. all the girls shop at snider plaza; cotton island, impeccable pig, spice, spicy II, then grab a cookie from jd's or a donut from mustangs. everyone is refered to as "parkies."
Boy 1: "bro, check out that hawt up girl."
Boy 2: "oh i kno man, i kno. parkie all the way. university park gurls are always better than highland park girls."
by parkiegurl January 20, 2011
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