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Ghetto ass city in ghetto ass PG county MD next to DC
Where u from? Hyattsville
by Big B in MD May 02, 2006
A ghetto ass neighborhood where u r promised to get popped or layed out quicker then a jackrabbit on a speedbike. So dont go there without saying bye bye
Sam Woah sara you mite not wanna go there to Hyattsville you'll get layed out in the blink of an eye

Sara Dem Niggaz aint gonna do shiii

Misc. Gang look its dat punk bitch sara, *BOOM BOOOM BOOOM*

Sam Yep shes dead
by Blah Blah FOOL July 02, 2006
A none GHetto suburban area that is very quite and tideous at time having little to no real problems.
by TheTruth42 July 17, 2011