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The only university in America where the Hare Krishnas, wearing their robes and playing their instruments, greet attendees of all the home football games with their joyous chanting and dancing. Their well-wishers claim "you guys play well every year." Inebriated Gators fans mock or imitate them, especially at the evening games, but they continue undaunted. Occasionally a pair of fans of opposing teams, inspired to dance, swing each other around, to the amusement of all.
University of Florida is a special place.
by Christopher Beetle March 01, 2008
A university in Gainesville, Florida that is a cesspit. The people are rude, obnoxious and above all else, uncivilized. The students, fans and alumni all have a sense of entitlement due to their purchasing of great players, coaches and equipment from the profits of their one true success, Gatorade. Without that beverage, U of F would be on par with the University of Vanderbilt. The University also has the worst dressed fans and students in the nation.
Dude 1: That guy has a gelled, highlighted mullet, jean shorts(jorts) and a wife-beater with dip stains.

Dude 2: Yeah, he is president of his fraternity at the University of Florida.
by Gator Hater March 20, 2011
Go see the definition for Heaven
The University of Florida is next to heaven in the amount of win it has.
by John Zupancic February 04, 2008
4 year university found in the sticks and swamps of Florida in which the students pride themselves on believing they are of Ivy League Status. However, rather than retrieving their heads from their anuses and realizing that both they and Florida State University are Public schools in Florida, they will continue celebrating their recent 2004 win against FSU because it was the first in 18 years (older than any Freshman or Sophomore to remember).
"I go to UF and I think my degree is equal to that of someone who graduated from Oxford University."
by gatorhater February 06, 2005
An institution located in a malaria infested swamp--once noted for it football team which since 1998, has lost 5 out of 6 of its matchups against superior rival, Florida State University.
With the dismal leadership of Steve Spurrier the Washington Redskins pulled a University of Florida and ended the season with an abysmal 5-11 season.
by Bill May 02, 2004
An unreal heaven on earth where frat boys set the laws of the land and sorority girls are beautiful blonde southern bells. Oh yea, independents are pussies...
"Wow, he goes to UF, I wish I was him"
"It's great to be a Florida Gator!!"
The other school currently trying to obtain the national status of The University of Miami. Florida and Florida State both equally suck at football and always manage to lose to the best school in the nation, Miami.
"Dude, did you hear that Miami offered to give Florida a 21 point cushion for this years game?"
by hexum January 19, 2005