United Nations - United European States - United States Of America - Soviet Union - The Thousand Years Reich - The Holy Roman Empire... See the tendency? The beloved dream of the power-hungry people from all times and places to rule the world by totalitarian despotism and genocide choking human dignity and free spirit to death. But this dream remains hidden or not understood by the majority of people thats why this dream comes iteratively into reality and take the sleeping sheeple by surprise. And now I guess you think that with the Hitler's Reich defeated and the Soviet Union collapsed that dream's kaput? No, you are wrong you notgivingaflyingfuckaboutwhatiswronfgwiththisworld bastards.The New World Order (The Good Ol' Order) is the new (good ol') kid on the block being pushed through behind the mask of benevolent organizations and activities like the UN and its organisations, the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation and many others this being the oldest trick of these really evil people thats why while you drink your Coca-Cola and watch MTV and think how beautiful it is all, thanking the Capitalism and the system that sustains it, the world is being more chaotic every day, the poverty and deprivation deepening, people suffering and dying and these control freaks would once again offer the good ol' solution - a one world government with a one world bank and a chip stuck in your already fucked up body to rule over you and the planet - a global fascisto-communist state wich is actually a godless capitalism pushed to its logical limits i.e. a global scale imperialism. But, you know... this new (good ol') ideology really needs an enemy to justifies itself before the sheeple and guess what - its another global ideology of course and this time it is the Islam, the previous being the Communism. The times we are living in are really the biblical endtimes and this time it ain't a joke this time you better listen. The planet is globalised by the science and technology, many choices were made of how and according to which principle to live - individualistic or collectivistic, spiritual or material, but never been the two or the four together due to the ignorance of the sheeple and their master-sheeperds.In these times the spiritual nature of the sheeple would be reinstated again by its divine root i.e. by God and they will wake up, their spiritual eyes will open and they will see the global lie.The sad thing though is that many of the anti-N.W.O. people are extremists of some sort some of them being anti-semitic, others white-supremacists, others just plain racists, others aggressively atheistic, others just being there out of anger or fear for their welfare, others literally fundamentalistic of their religion - these people are not actually awaken for this coming global fascist state they are just being the same supid sheeple that constitute the very same New World Order they are fighting against.Only through caring and loving spiritual nature people could understand the reality behind this N.W.O.
And ultimately this N.W.O. is not the actual enemy, the real enemy is within us and this evil ideology has always been made by the people through their lack of spiritual awareness and ego-pride trips throughout their whole lives these ever new world orders being the logical and spiritual consequence of this.An in-your-face real "what goes around, comes around" situation.
So be prepared, don't live in fear but free your mind, get out of the Matrix and stand up for your rights to be free human beings, free from oppression and indoctrination.
United Nations

An Asshole:Hitler and Stalin are bad but I think Obama can change the country he seems honest... yeshecan, yeshecan, yeshecan...!
A Guy:You better wake up, asshole...
A former Asshole:(waking up)
by Rodger Been September 04, 2009
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please see "retarded"
The United Nations wants to control the entire world.
by somedouche77 January 02, 2005
(n.) After the first world war, the countries on both sides decided to band toghether to stop such a thing happening again with the "League fo Nations". However, the L.O.N. had no armed forces and when Adolf Hitler withdrew from in in the thirties, the weakness of this "Talking shop" showed through. Disbanded at the end of world war two, it gave way to the "United Nations", where member countries' influence on world events was measured by thier contribution. The contribution is generally based on the GDP of each member country, although the united states and to a lesser extent the united kingdom pay disproportionately more than other members for the upkeep, and also provide more troops.

To prevent world crises' in the future, the UN democratically votes to decide whether it should allow a country to sort out its' own problems or if they should choose to help a side. Being by far the largest group on contributors, the G8 nations choose to help the most western-friendly side in each struggle.

However, certain amounts of ignorance to eachothers' ideas and division of peoples based on economic wants has lead to the UN having trouble maintaining itself as of late. That, combined with the actions taken without consent of the United nations council by the US and her allies has lead to speculation that the UN is heading the way Hitler thrust its predecessor, the League of Nations, and that it has been becoming another talking shop since the fall of the USSR and the end of the communist threat.
Many people think that the United nations is a puppet, and has no real value to the world without a large, common enemy to unite the people.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 08, 2004
A good idea, but somewhat naive and inefficient. Like marriage and Communism, it looks good on paper but often fails in practice.

Formed shortly after the second World War, the idea was to bring representatives of numerous nations together in hope of discussing and peacefully solving whatever conflicts or disputes arose. They have done good in areas of Africa for example, but on the large scale it just doesn't work. Each nation is far too preoccupied with self interest to prevent any large treaties or organizations from being set up or enforced. Perhaps the most visible example of failure would be the recent Iraqi crisis.
Some think that if they had stronger centralized authority then things could improve, but it's hard to know.
by JF May 13, 2004
A group of nations whose purpose is increasingly irrelevant; whose widespread corruption is now coming to light.
The corruption of the United Nations is growing unchecked. Can't wait 'till Annan tries to explain the "Oil-for-Food" program.
by tradesman January 11, 2005
A support group for people who are unusually obsessed with Israel for some reason.
Contains both raging leftists and crazy Islamists who just sit around and talk about Israel all day long in Manhattan with American money paying to clean up all the filth that spills out when you open the door.
Why don't they all just move it to Palestine?
The feckless condor circled the U.N. building, looking for the dead Jew.
by Sense December 01, 2004
An all-knowing, all-seeing organization which in allowed Iraq to ship all of their biological and chemical WMDs to Syria by having Charter members Russia and France drag their feet in refusing to ratify unilateral military action under the obvious guise of "diplomatic negotiations" AKA Food for Oil program
Then after the United States and ITS ALLIES proceeded to enforce 1441, they cried foul, blood for oil, etc. And for the icing on this cake, the UN secretary general now says that the U.S. engaged in a totally illegal military action.
United Nations? Not since WWII my friends!
by The truth has set me free September 18, 2004
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