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when you and a friend say the same thing at the same time
"how are you?"
"how are you?"

"i asked you first!"
"i asked you first!"

yea i dont know how i can examplise the word unison hahaha :D
by kristallkaulitz September 15, 2008
A wise and funny guy. He will seem to give it his all when it comes to sports and seems very athletic. When it comes to girls, he would look for good looks more than personality, but that would also be important to him. When trying to court a girl, he would give out hints that he likes her. He won't be the most handsomest man, but special women would see past his looks and fall for what's inside. He also wouldn't be the top most funniest guy, but he would try his best because he knows that to win a girl, you also have to make them smile and laugh. He would be quiet when alone, looking like he doesn't care at all, but he would stop for anyone who calls.
Patricia:" Why do you have to be such a Unison during PE?"
by musicluvr29 June 10, 2014
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