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Singer of German band Tokio Hotel <3. born september 1st 1989 and is a twin with his brother tom kaulitz (who is 10 minutes older than bill). Dispite that fact that bill is younger, he still is the boss of tom. no matter what :D

I say you shuld check out Tokio Hotel, their music is great, lyrics and all.

boy: whos that chick on your wall? SHES HOT!

girl: its a guy,, his name is bill kaulitz and hes oh so sexy :D

boy: ohh i can see that now. i think he just ruined my hetrosexuality!

girl: :D
by kristallkaulitz September 09, 2008
when you and a friend say the same thing at the same time
"how are you?"
"how are you?"

"i asked you first!"
"i asked you first!"

yea i dont know how i can examplise the word unison hahaha :D
by kristallkaulitz September 15, 2008
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