an amorphous undelineated mass of tit, often caused by old age sagginess or bras that squish them together. in theory, it could be a single cycloptic tit.
i think george bush sould have a huge uniboob implanted on his forehead.
by minghi May 22, 2003
An insulting adjective to describe a female who when the mathematical appreciation of her breasts (the summation of the volume of both) is barely enough to fill a small cup size.
Erin is a uniboob. She has to wear a negative cup size or her bra backwards to appear normal.
by SoYouWantToHaveThisArgument March 18, 2009
when you zip up your sweatshirt all the way and you get that bump of sweatshirt that just so happens to be right where your boobs would be.
''I always hate it when i get a uniboob.''
by just plain awesome October 17, 2009
When a woman's boobs look like one. Also, two boobs combined with more than 2 nipples, so like maybe 8 little nipples all over the Uniboob.
"Dude! I finally got this girl to have sex with me. Then I discovered she had a UNIBOOB which turned me off.
by SexySluttyGirl August 06, 2009
Derogatory term.

A woman with only one breast due to congenital defect or mastectomy (breast surgically removed).
Jane's uniboob is the cause of her depression.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
a female (or male) with one(1) not the normal two breasts. this makes the chili dog( or cleveland steamer) experience anything but normal
When I chili dogged Grace, the fact that she was uniboobed made it quite difficult.
by bill gluckman June 29, 2003
when someone has huge boobs(both sexes) and they can't see their feet because of the boobs.
Fanny: Wow, Betty look at her boobs. They're so big!
Betty: I know, its called a UNIBOOB
What happens when white trash whores don't have money to pay for Playboy boobs at Boob R Us, but still want to have big tit (notice the lack of 'ties')
Dumb bitch wants them fake ass playmate titties, but couldn't pay for it, so she got a uniboob.
by Stoner May 23, 2003

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