1. In art, a singular curve/line/lump of breast used to represent two boobs under clothing.

2. A single mass/breast where two should be, but not where two were originally (if you loose one boob, its not technically a uniboob). A uniboob is the presence of an original single boob.
I was in a rush, so I gave the women in my drawing uniboobs.
by Arthoes December 21, 2007
When a female wears a top or undergarment that makes her breasts come together to look like one large breast.
Oh my gosh, that tube top totally gives her a uniboob!
by ScrapperMomx3 March 08, 2013
The awkward lump formed by a zippered sweatshirt when you sit down. Categorized as a uni-boob when the lump is at your breast area. Can also be at crotch area forming a regular boner on a male and a lady boner on a female. Also a stomach boner when the lump is at your stomach. Obviously. So much "excitement"...
"Stupid sweatshirt is giving me a stomach boner!"

"If you unzip it halfway then it'll go away."

"Well now I have a lady boner."

"Better than a uni-boob!"
by alicejin88 November 15, 2011
a person you only has one boob right in the middle
"I didn't know Justin Bieber had a Uni-Boob"
by ch5412 May 04, 2010
Having been born with only boob.Commonly referred to as "Lost Boobage",Girls with only one boob are likely to have a G--or atleast a D cup size.To men,they're less attractive,like julia roberts.There's been a couple men uniboobs,but its only like 1 in 3 dudes who have "Uniboobs".Charlie sheen is one of them,how else did he scare that male hooker?I mean,think about it,they're like cheerleaders!
Comic-book guy; uniboob
by Remy_Howl September 22, 2011
When The Space Between the boobs is less then a fingures with (having only one boob.)
Alexa is good at tittie fucking,yea she got a uni-boob
by Trey G May 31, 2003
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