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A term used to describe a middle-eastern bomber. It is also used to describe people of Chechen descent.
Aladdin was a freakin' uni-bomber

Go fly on a magic carpet and then kill yourself, goddamned uni-bomber.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 27, 2008
95 11
a man with only one testicule
wow he can only blow his load with as a unibomber
by semen demon and frank the tank November 11, 2003
32 53
An uncircumcised penis.
"She didn't realize he was uncircumcised...it looked like the unibomber"
by Brak Attack December 10, 2009
5 30
when a man sticks his balls in a womans mouth and she throws up on them.
Larry gives stonner girl a unibomber and she puked on them
by funnykid November 28, 2006
25 54