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Same as "Ungeliable". Ungelivable is constructed by Chinese internet users to negate and adjectivize the word of "geli", which is translatrated from Chinese, literally meaning "forcefulness". It is used to express the feeling of unforceful, unsatisfactory, lousy, unpleasant, unfavorable, terrible.
WTF? Chinese soccer team lost again? against Japan? 0:8? That's too ungelivable!!!
by lybow November 08, 2010
It's a chinese-english word, "ge" means "give"; "li" means "support" or "power"; this word uses for to describe the gap between reality and the ideal. If they are the same, we can say "gelivable"; if not, wo can say "unglivable".
When I feel disappointed, I can say, that's so ungelivable!!!
by sakurap November 08, 2010
Coined by the Chinese internet users recently to describe the feeling that something is not as good as expected and not giving you the "YES! THIS IS IT!" moment.

the stem of the adj. "geli" is what this word in Chinese sounds like. Geli literally means to use strength. Like a girl would say "fxxx me harder" during sex. I personally think that's one connotation in it.
A: This party is gonna be WILD.

When they arrive and the party sucks.
A: This is so ungelivable.
by whattheefffff November 10, 2010
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