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nothing (used by American Italians and Mafia figures)
Look at Jim Hogg. He promised he was gonna send me five hundred within two weeks of his release. And guess what? I got nothin'. I got ungatz. The word is Jim Hogg copped some cases and he's sittin' in a county jail. He might get six or seven for some silly-ass petty crimes. The guys a fuckin' jabroney. For most prisoners on the way out its like this: 'I'm gonna get out, bro, I'll take care of you. I'll send you a twenty.' And I say, 'OK. Go on and live your life, motherfucker.' It just ain't gonna happen. At the time they mean it, but once they get out there and taste that Chivas Regal or Old Milwaukee they ain't gonna give a fuck about an old lifer in the state pen. Think I expect it? The only way you can disappoint me is if I expect anythin' from you. And I expect ungatz.
by Shaun Attwood January 24, 2008

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In some Italian-American dialects, used to say nothing or less than nothing. May also be pronounced "Ugatz." Also, slang for "dick"
You got ungatz. What an ungatz! I never got ungatz.
by Bruce Capoferri July 27, 2007