Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy (and I use the term "comedy" loosely here) by some no-name flapping heads.
Kids in the Hall is as unfunny as it gets; placing a close second is Dave Foley himself.
by Matt December 27, 2004
Top Definition
The "comedian" Carlos Mencia.
Mind Of Mencia is the most unfunny piece of shit on TV.
by queen_azure January 10, 2008
Dane Cook.
Dane Cook is the most unfunny comedian on the planet. At any given time, wherever funny is, Dane Cook is over 9,000 miles away from it.
by lulz00 December 28, 2008
The glorious lack of lulz.
Uncyclopedia, trying to be the politically correct, SFW clone of Encyclopedia Dramatica, is one of the most unfunny sites on the internet.
by Terrazine August 23, 2011
A piece of garbage that is lauded by an entire generation, yet can't really make people laugh.
I Love Lucy is perhaps the most unfunny show that is mistakenly called funny in the history of television.
by XerxesTWD--BOOYAH! April 01, 2007
Jon Stewart is the unfunniest comedian who ever lived.
Why does this guy have a career???
by weed August 15, 2004

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