the best clan on socom1 and socom2. no-one ever forgives UN4 after gettin owned!
UNFORGIVEN = total ownage!
"only the weak ask for forgiveness"
by Z O M B I E May 17, 2004
Top Definition
Metallica's best song, by the way, the album St. Anger is fucking horrible
unforgiven is hell better than St. Anger, and I hope it dies
by Edwinn Matonis January 21, 2004
Unforgiven, or Surf-h UnForgiven, is new term, used to describe leet counter-strike players, that are especially good at surfing. They normally hang around in certain maps of source, such as leet_turbo and greatriver.

But the bashy, pwns pl0x for the sansome.
"Holy crap!! that guy is such a leet UnForgiven! like omggg!!!! Marry me pl0x"

" Will UnForgiven pwn you pl0x or pwn me pl0x teh has leetsauce in veins, in body imnd spirit and dust2"
by Bashford September 01, 2007
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