5 definitions by pikaj00

guy who pwnz j00, nearly exceeding the greatness of pika unforgiven.
"lunpa seks j00 kthx"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004
an extreme lagger who exploits their own lag to their advantage.
"pika Unforgiven is the greatest Graal Lagwhore of all time"

"if it werent for that lagwhore's jumpiness when pking i would own her"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004
l33t speak for pikachu. used in some online games by young hax0rs wanting to be l33t.
"j00 r pikaj00 k?"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004
someone in an online game who has a very fast computer with an internet connection designed in the stone age (aol/msn). symptoms include jumpyness and uberl33t killin skillz due to lag. generally found on the game called GraalOnline.
"d00d that bitch is such a lagger my sword couldnt penetrate her hole any day of the week!"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004
greatest GraalOnline player/pker of all time. Greatness exceeds the Lord himself. pika unforgiven pwns j00 kthxbai.
"omfg that pika unforgiven guy is so kewl, i wanna be just like him"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004

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