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A piece of underwear, though usually used in plural.
Oh dear, I don't appear to be wearing any undies.
by GDisCorrupt September 05, 2007
In Great Britain and Ireland, an abbreviation of "underwear"
Christ on a bike I've soiled me undies
by garybaldy September 06, 2007
an under cover cop, specifically one walking around a concert parking lot or music festival. These slimy subhuman lifeforms are usually sent out to chase drugs, and make unfair arreests.
I cant work here, this place is crawling with undies
by porkchop1217 January 28, 2008
People from Australia - from the land down under.
“Yeah he's an undie, you can tell by the Crocodile Dundee accent.”
by Strephon September 04, 2007
basically it means "underground indie" (underground + diminutive of independent).
to designate a band which works under the "diy" (do it yourself) theory.
by useless information :-) April 29, 2003
An abbreviation for underground hip-hop. Originally conceived as a soundalike alternative to "indie," which signifies fey boys with jangly guitars.
Undie is the straight shit, brah. The radio is wack.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters April 10, 2005
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