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A contracted word used to correct people who improperly use the word "dethaw" to really mean "thaw". Dethaw isn't a word at all, the word thaw stands alone to mean "bring something to room temperature". However, some people use the word dethaw, which would literally mean to take something out of the freezer and throw it right back in. Undethaw is used to correct them by use of a double negative. Also, if they are really screwed up, they will come back at you with reundethaw, which of course means the damn thing stays frozen.
"Will you undethaw the chicken in the freezer"

"My girlfriend isn't putting out, go hit on her and try to undethaw her panties"
#thaw #dethaw #reundethaw #freeze #refreeze
by TongueTwister March 13, 2013
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