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A confusing conjunction of "defrost" and "thaw". Has a corresponding etymology to unthaw. Literally it means to refreeze, however, it has never actually been used correctly in conversation. Ever. In fact, it is always used to mean the opposite- a synonym for thaw. Just say thaw, not dethaw, not unthaw, just thaw.
You have to dethaw the turkey in the microwave before putting it in the oven.
by Chuckahaid March 23, 2005

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The act of thawing-out a frozen object. It is a terrible misuse of correct grammar; however, I am defining it so I can say I was not wrong in using it earlier.
Please de-thaw the freezer.
by Pootiliantes March 30, 2006
a slang word for the act of thawimg in cold water
place frozen meat in a bowl or sink with cold water to de-thaw.
by T/N/T June 22, 2011