1. Person or Object that many people dislike but there is no reason to dislike it.

2. Person or Object that has High Quality at what it's doing but isnt known that well by the public.
1. Halo 3 is underrated because people think Call of Duty 4 is better when theyre at the same level.

2. Rap Artist Proof from the rap group D12 is underrated because many people dont know who he is but know who fellow D12 member) (and also extremely talented Eminem is, but Proof is extremely talented.
by I hate it when things are UR September 12, 2009
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cooler than most people think.
people like me are underrated.
by hg12benj February 24, 2004
Something or someone that deserves much more respect than people will allow. See Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes is a very underrated rap artist.
by papacut February 15, 2007
Something or someone not well known by the mass public but of high quality.
Breakdown is such an underrated game.
by Karnos January 01, 2007
A website, film, television show, book, etc that is so good that the public barely notices how good the product really is.
The film Children of Men is so good it's just too bad nobody is talking about it which makes it underrated.

by Mr. Jeff July 18, 2008
Something that is better than most people think it is.
Final Fantasy IX is so underrated man!
by Adelbert Steiner March 21, 2008
you're the shit, you're down as hell, and everything about you is great BUT people don't think too much of you because they don't know you.
you're so under rated, it sucks. get w/me and everyone's gonna see who you really are.
by jessicamichelle<3 December 12, 2007
means good but not publicized as much as other shit,opposite of overrated.
"most of the overrated stuff is bullshit"
"most of the underrated stuff is better than the overrated stuff"
Overrated-grey's anatomy (good show but overrated),Twilight,jonas bros
Underrated-Alice in chains,the replacements
by Raw Faith December 02, 2009

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