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the best hardcore band that ever lived
i went to an underøath concert a while ago and i was like right next to the speakers and i couldnt hear anything but a ringing noise for like a week
A florida based Christian rock band. They have been categorized into many genres such as Metalcore, Hardcore, Grindcore, Emo, Screamo. However, they mainly dabble in Metalcore/ Hardcore.Underoath formed in 1998

They're first album, Act of Depression released in 1999.
The second, Cries Of The Past released in 2000
and the third, The Changing Of Times was released in 2002.
During this time Dallas Taylor was the lead vocals/screamer. He gave the band most of it's Grindcore/ Metalcore/ Death Metal feel. Then after some presonal problems between Dallas and the other band mates he eventually left after the recording of Chaging Of Times. He is now in Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
When The Sun Sleeps video was released on The Changing Of Times.

Underoath then replaced Dallas with Spencer Chamberlain who's first album recorded with them was They're Chasing Safety which was released in 2004.
They're Only Chasing Safety triggered a more screamo sound and Underoath had completely abandoned their Metalcore roots. They're sound had changed dramatically. The singing in screaming was about 50/50. It will probably be they're only screamo album and they're last seeing as they did not like most the work they did on that album.
It is rumored that they were mimicking Alexisonfire's sound, however this most likely is not true.
Reveinting Your Exit and It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door music videos were released on They're Only Chasing Safety.

In 2006, Underoath released an album called Define The Great Line. It was produced by Adam D of Killswitch Engage and Matt Goldman. It was mixed by Chris Lord-Alge. DTGL triggers more of a Metalcore sound. The members of Underoath are very much proud of the work they have done of this album alone. Most of the tracks on this album consists of screaming, roaring, growling and shrieking. There are less choruses and more breakdowns. The guitars are thrashier and louder and the drums have been sped up. Most of the album is about personal weariness concluded with seeking God at the end of the light.
Some older Underoath fans have shown much appreciation towards this album since it is closer to their older sound. It is Underoath's most recent album to date. It was certified Gold.
Writing On The Walls and In Regards To Myself were videos released on this album.You're Ever So Inviting and A Moment Suspended In Time are two other videos that will be released.
Underoath were nomiated for a Grammy on behalf of one of their music videos from DTGL/

Official Lineup:

Spencer Chamberlain - Screams/ Vocals
Chris Dudley - Keyboards
Aaron Gillespie - Drums/Vocals (only original member)
Tim Mctague - Guitar
Grant Brandell - Bass
James Smith - Guitar

Former Lineup:

Dallas Taylor-Vocals
Ethan Goring - Vocals
Wesley Wilson - Guitar
Tony Allen - Guitar
Matthew Clark - Bass
Samm Shuffler - Guitar
Octavio Fernandez - Bass/Guitar
Billy Nottke - Bass
Scott Nunn - Drums and guitar
Cory Steger - Guitar
Matt Boyd - Drums

Aaron Gillespie also has a solo project called The Almost. It is mainly a Pop/ Alternative/ Christian rock project. His debut, Southern Weather should be available in stores now.
Person 1: Underoath are playing Warped '07
Person 2: Sweet. Not much a fan, but I would like to see them live.
Person 2: Cool. We could see them together. DTGLis a good album. It's more closer to their roots.
by yocheckit April 05, 2007
A very loved persons favourite band name. Trevor is a very nice person.
"oh hes such an underoath lover!!!"
by saal July 10, 2008
A band originated in Florida that is placed in the screamo/hardcore/christian/emo genres.Underoath's newest cd is about a 50/50 in screaming and singing.They have a good sound, but while playing live they don't do as good.Spencer(vocals) is a little off sometimes, but does a deceent job.But the guitarists just kill the show though.They go up there, and jump around insanely (not that its bad) but it throws them off and it just sounds really crappy.It just sounds like a bunch of feedback from the amps.
"Underoath's new cd 'Define the Great Line' is coming out in June"
by Legacy X May 16, 2006
A Christian band who, with the fantastic vocalist/lyricist Dallas Taylor, created some of the best music ever. Their original sound bordered on what could be considered grindcore, with intense, crushingly heavy riffs, very complex double-kick drumming and Dallas' emotion-filled shrieks and growls. They released their debut album Act of Depression with this sound, before adopting a slightly more Black Metal influenced sound for their second LP Cries of the Past. Both of these two releases are currently out of print.
They then took on a less heavy, more melodic post-hardcore sound for their third album The Changing of the Times, which was a massive departure from their earlier music.

Unfortunately, due to clashes with bandmates, Dallas Taylor left the band in 2003. Along with guitarist Corey Steger, who had left the band after Cries of the Past, the two of them were the most important force behind the band and gave them their signature sound.

By the time Underoath came to record their third full-length in 2004 with new vocalist/lyricist Spencer Chamberlain, they had just one original band member left - drummer Aaron Gillespie. Titled "They're Only Chasing Safety", it has been hugely criticised by the band's long-time fans and despite outselling all of the previous three albums put together, it is without question the lowpoint of their career, with barely a nod to the band's previous work, it is questionable whether they should even be operating under the name Underoath anymore.
2006 brought the fifth album "Define the Great Line", which is largely the same as it's predecessor.

Dallas Taylor has, since his leaving of the band, been working on a new project Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, who are excellent, but still not as good as old Underoath.
Underoath's first two albums showcase one of the best bands that have ever existed, but with the release of the third they sold out and have been very poor ever since.
by SuperBernard September 03, 2006
Very well played out movie with not the best acting but some of the best editing known to man.
Wow that 9 minute movie was sure good enought to maybe watch again... maybe.
by Enrique March 11, 2004
at one point the greatest band ever till they got a new singer and are going down hill as they give up there great hardcore sound in exchange for the sound of the used
wow i cant stand this new underoath CD quick put back on cries of the past befor my ears start bleeding
by jackel412 July 26, 2004