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(1) Adj. - the pure opposite of cozy. basically something really awkward, irritating or slightly un-tight happens
(1) When you making out with a girl and her hair gets stuck in your mouth
(2) When you are talking to a girl and some annoying guy you hardly know comes up to you drunk and takes you away unwillingly
(3) When your trying to sleep but the phone keeps ringing and you get up to answer it and the person a. hangs up b. is a telemarketer or c. has the wrong number
(4) When the person who had the wrong number calls back 3 times convinced that they did not make a mistake
(5) When the person from number (4) tries to talk to you and be nice when your not in the mood

By then it is officially super uncozy
by ellz0rzzzz August 26, 2006
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