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your creepy uncle who insists on sleeping in his van in your driveway even though there's an available bed in the house.
as uncle pricky walks out the door...
- is uncle pricky going home?
- no he's going to bed
by scissor pinch April 18, 2011
6 1
The act of sticking your penis in a pumpkin before receiving oral sex as a prank.
She had the best evening imaginable, until she went to his room for a nightcap and tasted pumpkin while blowing him . Then his frat buddies jumped out of the closet with a camera and screamed " youve just got an uncle pricky".
by RThe Wick April 18, 2011
4 0
to fall and impale oneself on ones own penis
if you run in the dark with morning wood you may give yourself an uncle pricky!
by kiwi smithers April 18, 2011
0 0
A chubby chaser.....
"Damn, old boy is hammered and about to pull an uncle pricky on the kool aid lady."
"Uncle pricky?"
"You know, hes about to mow a really big lawn"............
by Good Ole Tainty June 05, 2011
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