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1. Adj. A piece of technology that is judged as being highly resistant to rendering unfunctional

2. Adj. An object or form believed to be uneasily represented using LEGO (or generic) bricks.
I like my iPhone, but it feels too fragile and its software unstable - unlike my ancient unbrickable Nokia that was built like a tank and could stand up to any abuse, physical or otherwise.

I thought that the Statue of Liberty was unbrickable, until she recreated it beautifully using her limited LEGO collection.
by addnoobwords January 21, 2009
3 1
An adjective that applies to motorola cellphones, that means no matter how hard you try, the damn thing just won't die.
I flashed my slvr with a razr fullflash. The thing won't turn on, but it accepted another fullflash! This phone's unbrickable!
by scancode November 25, 2007
2 2