The act of becoming intrested.
"My friend from TW is coming over to unbore me with all the nude pics of Zerogirl from he's collected"
by Tribal War February 03, 2004
Top Definition
it means exactly what it says. it means ur no longer bored, you are now interested and entertained.
you are desperately trying to be unbored
by mtlguy August 28, 2010
the act of finding somthing to do while your bored.
Class sux, im so bored

So un-bored your self.


idk, dance or somting like that.

by jdan October 18, 2007
Is an act of making someone else not bored anymore by doing an activity or something of that matter
Person1: I wish I didn't get bored so easily ._.'
Person1: SWEET!
by GrandAdmiral August 15, 2011
Pron. Un-Board 2 syllables Def: the times when humans and or animals find that the act of doing nothing or little to nothing which in other circumstances may seem boring is actually satisfying their needs for mental and or physical stimulation.
I was chatting online all day, just sitting on my ass and was UNBORED the whole time. The day just flew by and even though I didn't accomplish a damn thing.
by chroncat101 August 04, 2010
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