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1. A person who you would describe as more than a friend but not a girlfriend or boyfriend. It become completely obvious that you have a umm...friend if you have to think for awhile before introducing them as a friend.

2. A person who you have no-strings-attached sex with.

1. Person A: Where's Andrew?
Person B: With Jenna his umm...friend.

2. Person A: So sex?
Person B: Sure but lets just be umm...friends.

by Anya E November 10, 2008
1. Someone you are having casual sex with, a "fuckbuddy" or "bedbuddy".

2. Someone you are cheating on your S.O. with.

3. Someone you shouldn't be hanging around with.
Mom: "And who is this?"

Jill: "Mom? Oh, uh....this is my umm...friend Joey.
by Seacoaster December 29, 2005
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