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In point and purpose, similar to the widely known umbrella, but for a few differences. First, in functionality, it works to deflect metaphorical "rainstorms", as in hardships, trials, etc.. rather than actual, physical rain. Another notable difference is that the role of umberellas are not typically played by innanimate objects, but rather actual people. Perhaps the most notorious umberella is Rihanna, of which there is actual documentation of her acting as an umberella and protecting whoever she is "umberellaing" for during one of these spiritual torrents.
When it rains it rains forever
We can't see through all the weather
You can stand under my umberella
You can stand under my umberella
by chzrm June 23, 2007
Something to keep you dry now that it's raining more than ever

"Oh dear. It's raining. I'm getting wet."
"You can stand under my umberella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh."
by JAZZY-JEFF June 23, 2007
Misspronounced umbrella. Now taken up by MTV hosts, as a catchphrase in reference to Rihanna's newest single.

Attempt at creating innuendo, yet a miserable failiure.
Rihanna in video/audio. Note the nasal tones.

MTV Host. "It's rainin' heaps on set, better get out your umber-ellas !"*cannned laughter*
by Gekkondae June 25, 2007
Much like the Umbrella, but more umber-ella ish.
I am having umber-ella issues this morning
by Spandy April 30, 2005
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