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Anacronym for Universal Mobile Battery or Adapter. Refers to small compact batteries and chargers used to poewr or recharge USB powered devices.
My smart phone was out of power but I was able to borrow an UMBA from a guy on the bus.
by tchansen29 February 21, 2011
Usless MBA, someone who has an MBA but not the real world skills and to hold down a job which utilizes thier education.
MBA who works in a job that doesn't require even a bs degree.

Dude, that Barista has an MBA
--Make that a U MBA
by dander56 January 24, 2012
A person who has been educated beyond their experience or intelligence.
I can't believe they put Mark in charge he just started with the company and doesn't know anything about our product; the umba has no business running a project of this size!
by tgaptte April 23, 2010
short for Unbalanced. Generally used in gaming to describe a class or abilty that is too strong and not balanced fairly with other classes or abilities
Death coil / Fear makes locks umba
by caslo February 19, 2007