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The most scene you can be, being totally and completely scene. Meaning the peircings, dark/bright eyemakeup is showing (on one eye minimum), bandana is being worn, tight girlpantson bys, tight straight legged jeans for girls, white belt with buckle turned to side, has either a band name a dinosawr, robot, lightning bolt, or x's on shirt. You have to have the hair usually 2+ colors, usually whitish blonde and black..facial pericings are a MUST. You have to talk with the lingo and girls usually have to be ultra skinny...with a little bitty booty. You should probably be in a band to be ultra sceney. White teeth and BIG fake eyelashes can give you hella scene cred. Wear big, thick rimmed sunglasses, tease your hair, smell yummy but look like you probably smell, own a myspace, say things like *that's the sexx* and *&&OMFG I'm hella hawt kthxbai* *to the max* *the rawness* *hella hawt*. You should describe things with the words hella, ultra, the sexx, to the max, raw, and all works and scores lots of scene cred. Basically, look, act, and appear to be as scene as possible to reach the UltraxScene level. Trust me, I know
"OMG, that girl has all the gear for a scene kid, wow, how ultrascene."
"That hawtyy is ultrascene with his white belt with the gun belt buckle...omfg"
by ElectraxCore&&It's Me June 30, 2006
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