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When the Bay Area typical emo-nubs are done getting over themselves, they might get into scene.

But it takes a lot to be 'hella scene'

You gotta like grow your hair long in front, steal chicks' pants, (and shirts), and straighteners, get cut-off knit gloves from the kiddy section at wallys-world, realize that emo was some pop-culture bullshit from mid-90's rock disaster,

If you're hella scene, you are more scene than most scenesters, which means you probably stole (and abused) someone's eyeshadow.

Hella scene can also refer to a region, specifically the East bay of SF bay area, of Nor*cal.

it goes on, hella scene kids get mistaken for (modern) emo-tards. and then people die.
Hella Scene is like rock-chi

You'll find hella scene kids walking around outside east bay hardcore shows.
by Dave_hellascene November 12, 2006

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