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A game derived from ultimate frisbee in which one player starts by picking a douche bag out of the crowd around them. The next player then chooses someone they think is douchey-er. Then another player again tries to one-up the previous douchebag. Players are allowed to challenge someones douchebag if they believe it is not douchey-er than the previous. Who ever picked the douche then has a chance to point out what makes their douche so douchey, and to try to convince other player(s) to allow their pick. If the choice is not accepted, that player is "out" of the game. Other players continue playing as such until the ultimate douchebag is found and all others surrender.
Can be played with 2 or more people. Best in crowded locations such as airports, sporting events, and New Jersey.
1. "That 3 hour lay over flew by once we started that game of ultimate douchebag, I was so busy looking around for douchebags I forgot to look at my watch!"

2. "That man with all the hair gel and ed hardy shirt is my first pick for ultimate douchebag"
by sparrow802 July 26, 2010
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The term refers to a guy who has more than one of the objects listed:

A. Tribal Tattoo
B. Earrings
C. Ed Hardy Shirt
D. Spiked Hair
E. All of the above

An ultimate douchebag can also be a guy who uses his girlfriend for either:

A. Their car
B. Their money
C. Sex
D. All of the above
Alana: See that guy with the tribal tattoo and Ed Hardy shirt?
Kayla: Yeah, he is definitely an ultimate douchebag.
by kkmay93 September 14, 2009
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A man in his 40's who still lives with his parents and lies about his life to attract underage girls. He also likes to talk about his qualities. Those being a sense of extreme attractiveness, a heightened sense of a profound knowledge and amazing humor and intelligence, mean while, he looks like a gay, Jewish man and has little to no knowledge that is out of the ordinary and is ultimately dull and boring.
Oh man...don't look up that guy Joe C. is right behind us, he is the ultimate douchebag.
by Kat S April 27, 2011
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The vengeful act of crapping on a lover's chest while they sleep.

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