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ulol - a filipino word meaning stupid
- can be an expression
"Ulol ka! baket mo ninakaw yan sa banko"
(Stupid! why did you rob that from the bank) with "ka" (you) pertaining to usage of "ulol" to refer somebody.
by jay "icyrascal" July 06, 2006
2nd definition: crazy (a filipino word)
"asong ulol" (crazy dog)

note: first definition is used as an expression
kinagat ako nyang asong ulol na yan (I was bitten by that crazy dog)
by jay icyrascal July 13, 2006
Maurene Angelica Regodon
person 1: my name's maurene angelica regodon.
person 2: then you must be ulol.
by AwesomePersonIsAwesome November 21, 2012
filipino word meaning crazy commonly used for dogs that have rabies
sometimes used as lol but mistaken for lol(laugh out laugh)
used to curse people
GOOD MAN:hoy ikaw bata ka
KID: bakit po?
GOOD MAN: bli mo ko sigarilyo
KID: yoko nga
GOOD MAN: ulol kang bata ka! putangina mo nagmana ka sa puta, ulol ka ululin mo tae ko!
by exdeath April 14, 2009

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