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the snow god that brings snow to the mountains provided you toss your roachs off the chair lift and say his name
'give your roach to Ullr... then it will dump like crazy
by dumpdude February 04, 2008

The Goddess that brings snow to the mountains, beleived to be a female goddess.

People will throw there roaches into the snow for her to enjoy, hoping that in reward they will recieve fresh pow.
Some chant her name aloud and make short speaches in an outloud verbal prayer to ullr asking her for snow. Some say that if you chant to her loud enough and often enough in a day, you will wake in the morning to fresh POW!
u laugh like retard. Most commonly used when some idiot says lol (laugh out loud) every second for no reason.
normal person: hi
annoying jerk: lol
normal person: that's not funny
annoying jerk: lol
normal person: ullr
by AnnoyedByLaughers January 16, 2011
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