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really HOT ,not always friendly , but kind people dat have suffered a lot.
Look @ dat fuckin american he duznt even know wot real life is like , but he thinks he can judge ukrainians.
by Ukrainian October 29, 2003
146 109
1.A ukranian girl has big boobs and is probably the prettiest thing you will ever see.
2. A ukranian boy is into stupid things and sometimes dresses like he lives in a dump, yet usually hot.
I wish I were a ukranian.
by anonymous June 26, 2003
177 72
the slavic language of the ukrainians, closely related to russian
Truth be told, there are a considerable number of Ukrainian speakers in -- yes -- Brazil.
by azer November 10, 2002
86 64
1. Best former Soviet Block ever!
2. One who eats bread + salted lard.
3. One who comes from the biggest country in Europe with a shit-poor economy.
4. An answer u get when u ask me if i'm Russian.
He's ukrainian cuz he eats 'xlib' and 'salo'.
by Ivan D. June 26, 2005
77 63