when someone says something completely absurd but insists its the truth.
A: Hey, heard you got your KS?
B: I got them from doing LK yesterday man.
A: It was maintenance, man. Link me your ach.
B: *Searches* Could've sworn I did it.
A: uhighbro?
by IR1337BRO November 23, 2010
This is a phrase used in various situations typically when;

a. A person is acting or speaking in a ridiculous manner prompting others around them to conclude that they are high.

b. A phrase used during a party / social gathering in which participants are using mind-altering substances (I.E Drugs).
a. *John does a crazy dance on in the street*
Jack: uHighBro?

b. ::In a party setting::

*John lies back in a chair clearly intoxicated*
Jack: uHighBro?
by Per21 December 06, 2011

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