an ugly homosexual
OMJC that guy is such an ugmo
by stevie_it September 25, 2009
Someone that gets ulgy more and more by the day.
Look at UGMO over there, now he know he need to get them teeth fixed and remove the jerrycurl juices from his head.
by S!ngle_2k November 19, 2003
any type of person, who resembles any type of monster/negative thing
-swamp monster
-monster under ur bed
-big foot
-ugly mofo
-closet monster
and the list goes on...
by chrissi May 05, 2004
a krazy slut who tried 2 get wid sum 1 outa her leage at a movie marathon
god damn that ugmoz tryin 2 hook in!!
by poo April 22, 2003

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