1. One who has unattractive physical attributes.

2. An unpleasant event or scene.
1. That girl with the large nose and acne is ugly.

2. That was one ugly scene when that guy got shot in the head.
by Janis December 13, 2004
it is a word meaning something or someone is unbearable to stare at.if your teeth are brown and stick out of your mouth past your nose then you are ugly.
sally:what did you think of kenny?
kate:eww!his teeth were brown and stuck up higher than his nose!!he was fugly!
by eric s (enjoi 4evr) November 30, 2005
great song by the exies.
are you like me?
a liar like me?
by Adrian February 18, 2005
A person who is really nasty.... does not look good,, at all
Damn Shez Ugly,,, best example i got- Susy
by Diego March 23, 2003
a person who is not what you would call "beautiful"
DAMN bitch, your UGLY!
by Anonymous February 01, 2003
Someone who is very wierdlooking
Jamie is ugly
by Jamie Houston January 16, 2003
Meghan C. LMAO JK.
mann, did you see that girll she looks like meghan.
DAMN, shes ugly!
by yourrmom! October 18, 2008
Refering to someone acting stupid, dumb,retarded etc.
"Man is u ugly! Wut u gonna do now?? Fuckn dumb ass i swear."
by ChiCkiA April 20, 2008
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