1. fat 2. pizza face 3. saggy 4. nasty 5.feo 6. gordo 7.repulsive 8. heinous
Damn yo girl is UGLY nigga, on the real, daaamn, butta-face!
by danigirl August 23, 2003
the result of when u turn on your tv and see bill cosby
"wow, that guy is just rancid!"
by ty December 13, 2003
Beautiful is to Angelina Jolie as Ugly is to ?.

Beautiful is to Angelina Jolie as Ugly is to Barbara Streisand.
Boy: Yo dawg that chick is sooo Barbara Streisand!
Boy 2: Yeah, bitch, she be damn ugly.
by Lillyxoxo April 15, 2007
Fugly (fuh-gly)
something or someone that is sooooo ugly...
It's F*#@ ugly!!!!!
Damn Jamie... them shoes you are wearin' are mighty fugly!
by Ronna May 30, 2003
People who have manginas.
Mangina? I don't think so, sista.

Yeah, manginas are ugly shit, holmes.

I poo on manginas.
by your mom has a name November 05, 2005
you ain't got no alibi
U-G-L-Y You Ugly, yeah, yeah you Ugly
by Q-T-3.14 March 25, 2006
Ugly, Somebody That cant get a man or a women and thats Straight up Gay.
Damn David You UGLY.
by Joshua Sebal July 09, 2003

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