(verb) To add a new phrase or word to Urban Dictionary.
Then UD it, dude. UD it. Could be word of the day!
by Jeremyhotpepper August 05, 2011
An Ugly Duck
Did you see that chick.
*gag* Yeah she a ud
by Germ123 November 21, 2010
urban dictionary; fake urban slang that does not exist
Yo - did you hear that white suburban nigga try to be badass? Must have picked it from the u.d.
by Joe. K December 06, 2003
1. A shorthand contraction of "you would" used in IM conversations.
2. A shorthand contraction of "you had" used in IM conversations.
soma: in TN, ud get the end of the stick for sure
Jenx: dont even try
by ATLmedstudentsrule January 02, 2006
Short for Roxanol UD, a brand name for morphine sulfate.
Friend: UD be fine. Don't worry. Just remain calm and stop licking the walls.

Junky: Laaalaaa... Ulp! Gaaaaaaaa...
by Commandante Bo March 06, 2010
Ud - short for Urban Dictionary, your at it now.
Guy1: What eta mean.
Guy2: Ud it n00b, goddamn.
by M0D1CA April 03, 2008
UD: Stands for Unintentionally Dumb.
Adjective: A nicer way of calling someone stupid. Can be used when talking about someone that's right next to you, or telling it straight to their face.
Jack: Is he really that stupid?
Jill: Nah, he's just UD.

Pam: Isn't Ray William Johnson a senator or something?
Mike: ....you're so UD.
Pam: Thanks!
by Rebel54x October 10, 2011

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