short for Urban Dictionary
i just UD'd 3 guys 1 hammer, i dont think i'll watch that video
by DOUGHNUTCAT June 27, 2011
urban dictonary
ud is awesome
by HUMP DAY uno-dos-thress December 29, 2013
What UD on this site means,or doesn't mean; not a uteran device, not a place to go on with your sociopolitical whining. It is a web site that's supposed to give definitions and sometimes pronunciations of words used in contemporary vernacular. However if used properly, both UD, and your vernacular can be discreet places to vent your sociopolitical whimpering without offending too many. Seewit
My old lady spent all day messin with her UD site.
by terryzz February 15, 2009
(verb) To add a new phrase or word to Urban Dictionary.
Then UD it, dude. UD it. Could be word of the day!
by Jeremyhotpepper August 05, 2011
An Ugly Duck
Did you see that chick.
*gag* Yeah she a ud
by Germ123 November 21, 2010
urban dictionary; fake urban slang that does not exist
Yo - did you hear that white suburban nigga try to be badass? Must have picked it from the u.d.
by Joe. K December 06, 2003
1. A shorthand contraction of "you would" used in IM conversations.
2. A shorthand contraction of "you had" used in IM conversations.
soma: in TN, ud get the end of the stick for sure
Jenx: dont even try
by ATLmedstudentsrule January 02, 2006

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