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an irc channel on irc.swiftirc.net where the best of the best Runescape pkers chill who aren't a famous glory hungry media hungry clan of a bunch of pussies who have money and just pj one person we are ELITE on our own and even more elite when together. pking since Rs2 came out, ubercuber was founded by eelitec and later ran by crazy corn1
we own kasoy jiglo defiled all of them we are the best pkers and u mess with any of us you gonna die. some people in it include Crazy corn1 eelitec eeelitec stif is back i stif i tacos please sunbear ekalb222 natdog miguel s14 wizzypker1 jrod9977 S L A S H666 many more. simply put, the best of the best are ubercuber.
by 666slash666 June 25, 2009

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