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A legendary PK'r on the world famous MMORPG RuneScape, and the small privately run servers such as BloodScape & 2Specd. Also named by a few as the sexiest person who plays RuneScape, & is a decent Vid Maker. Used to host chat-channels, such as #pso and clan chats in-game.
Person1: "Hey dude you see that new vid of that server we were playing on?" Person2: "Yeah that was probably one of S L A S H666's videos"

Person3: "Dude come back to Edgy i just got owned again please freeze him so i can try to loot my stuff back!" Person4: "Rofl i told you don't attack S L A S H666... He's just like an agent in the matrix, and no you're not Neo...."
by Sjav April 15, 2009
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