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An exclamatory phrase meaning more than uber but more uber than duber.

A take on the commonly used phrase super duper.
"This coffee is fucking uber duber!" shouted Edward as he took a sip from his iced mocha frappachino.
by Markew August 05, 2005
when no other words can describe just how amazing something is or can be.
Dam that girl is "Uber Duber"
I am feeling "Uber Duber tonight
Congratulations you have the job "Uber Duber"
by Cayden Zepp March 10, 2012
A phrase to mean of great importance. To be said in a high pitched voice, especially when dachshunds are present.
Did you see that blooper? It was uber duber!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by uberduber123 September 12, 2010
an extremely polish person. less insulting than polok, but more insulting than polish. these are usually the ones who live in america but only speak polish.
jesus, those uber dubers took our table again.
by alex via dictionary February 05, 2007
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