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An abbreviation using letters and numerals, for the 'YouTube' site, similar to SMS text, used mainly on video blogs or internet posts when directing traffic, inquiry’s or posting links, to that url
A general name for the site when detailing or discussing its content or quality

U2B: u = you, 2 = tu. be = b (the sound of the consonant is used)
u2b link here, you'll find the clip over on u2b, man u2b compression is really lame
by S O'Neill June 04, 2007
A l33tspeak way of saying YouTube, the popular website.
Suzie: You been on u2b lately?
Mike: Yeah i just saw some girl eat a preying mantis, that's hot.
by Alex Hanly June 12, 2007
short for youtube.
u2b Is a like an enchanted forest you start of with this video and end up with a total different video.
by lukz September 16, 2014
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