1.) Shortend way to say 'you'. Used mainly on Messengers.
2.) The 21st letter in the English alphabet
Gerry: Where do u live??
Herald: Can't say sorry.:-(

by George C# July 05, 2006
The completely useless shortening of the word "you." Commonly used by assholes who are to lazy to type/text the extra 2 letters.
Loser: hey baby i love u
Girl: thats it you bastard we're through
Girl: If you really loved me you'd type the extra two letters asshole!
letz go 2 teh mall u bitchezz!


Person: My mom just died.
Other Person: omg im so srry 4 u
Person: fuck you.
by flippycat38462 August 18, 2009
Shortened form of "undo", the most important Autocad command.
Oops, I just made a mistake. That's okay, there's "U".
U U U U (repeat until finished)
Now that I've fixed that, I'd better qsave before I mess up again.
by Wayne January 27, 2004
Used in online sex chat to symbolise a tonuge, suggesting the person (usually a guy) wants to use his tongue on his partner (usually a woman), in the same way people will use X to symbolise a kiss.
M: Oh baby i fuckin want you
F: Mmmmm yes darling xxx
M: X
F: X
M: U
F: mmmmmmmm lol
by Michelle's Stud August 02, 2010
Donkey hoofprint symbol used by Poker Donkeys. Can be used as a greeting , and/or to show support for other poker donkeys at the poker table.
Rusty Jones wins a pot with duece seven hole cards. AK shows his approval of the play by typing " U " in the chatbox.
by AK Donkey April 14, 2010
An abbreviation for the word "you" which is easier to type especially if you are text messaging over a mobile device
wut up w/ u?
by Jacob November 11, 2003
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